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“The Little Book of Word Medicine” 

70 Affirmations for Daily Living.

$7 AUD

“River of Life” 

for Love, Wisdom and Power.

An Audio of 30 Inspiring Affirmations & Guided Meditations.

$14 AUD

Digital Downloads Only

Affirmations like prayer have been used for centuries. But what exactly are affirmations? How do they work? What is the most powerful way we can use them?


With great clarity Lynette explains and introduces a simple, highly effective 3-step technique. As a gifted ‘Word Doctor’ she has masterfully crafted affirmations according to the vibration of each word and its powerful effect on mind, body and soul.

“Lynette’s down-to-earth approach to life and firm understanding of the more subtle aspects of spirituality help us find peace in the midst of change.”


From the Foreword of “The Little Book of Word Medicine” by Petrea King, CEO of the Quest For Life Foundation, Author, and Inspirational Speaker.

About the Book of Affirmations

With great clarity, Lynette explains the nature and practice of affirmations, introducing a simple yet highly effective 3-Step Process. 

There are 7 major categories in the book:

  • Love & Relationships

  • Health & Healing

  • Money & Prosperity

  • Work, Right-Livelihood & Business

  • Grief & Loss, Death & Dying

  • Personal Growth & Awareness

  • Global Peace & Well-Being


​Designed to be user-friendly, you can look up the contents and pick the category that best suits your needs – you’ll find 10 affirmations to choose from and work with in each category. Or you can just open the book anywhere and marvel at the perfection of the message you receive!

Take a calm moment to enjoy these affirmations.

Metaphysical Affirmations

About the Meditation Audio MP3

To help you relax, now you can hear these 30 precious ‘cups’ of word medicine taken from the book and spoken in Lynette's soothing voice!

Let the peace and power they contain fill every cell of your being. Skilfully woven words, colour and imagery are specially designed to calm the mind and body, to centre, uplift and empower you.

Enjoy these audio previews

Track One - Introduction: Lynette explains how to best use this Audio to experience maximum results.

Track Two - Affirmations: Lynette presents 30 inspiring affirmations from 'The Little Book of Word Medicine'.  Each one is a meditation in itself.

Track Three - Conclusion: Lynette takes you on a gentle yet powerful journey designed to dispel fear, relax, uplift and empower you. This is a subtle journey with powerful results. It is also an excellent tool for sleep!

River of Life - Introduction -
Affirmation for a Solution -
Affirmation for Peace -
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