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“In the Universal design of life there is a unique divine plan for each of us. Helping you navigate this extraordinary plan is my gift and delight! As you align with your own Source of Love, Wisdom and Power you bring together your Soul’s Passion, your Heart’s Love and your Mind’s Intelligence. You connect your little ‘i’ with your big I!”

- Lynette

Guidance &

Available In-Person, Online or Phone

Using her Intuitive gifts, including Channelled Readings, with warmth and wisdom Lynette looks at your inner and outer worlds.

Sharing valuable insights and tools she helps empower you to create the rewarding relationships, situations and outcomes your Heart and Soul most desire.

Lynette helps you to realize the greatness of you!

with Groups,
Businesses &

Custom-designed workshops for clients’ specific needs. Lynette translates the Universal Laws of Life into practical tools for personal, professional and global success.


Subjects include:

  • Metaphysical Mastery,        The Power of You!

  • Spiritual Economics – Prosperity You Can Bank On!

  • Metaphysics In Business – Your Leading Edge!

Guest Speaker

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As a gifted communicator, Lynette is able to speak to audiences of various ages, backgrounds and creeds to help people feel comfortable, engaged and inspired.
Her warmth and humour make her a popular keynote speaker in the global transformational/spiritual awareness movement, corporate and smaller business world and with national and international community organizations.


Custom-designed and presented for individuals, groups and businesses especially created to calm the mind, relax the body, nourish the soul and uplift the spirit.

In-Person and Online Courses Coming Soon!

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