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Lynette is a highly respected Self-Mastery teacher, guide and speaker. With an international background in journalism, advertising, screenwriting and film, Lynette's love of spiritual philosophy led her to explore the world's many faiths and sacred texts. The culmination has led her to the field of Metaphysics

– The Universal Laws of Life and Principles at the heart of all spiritual traditions, science and philosophy, principles that shape every aspect of our nature and lives.

With many years working in the corporate world and co-owning a specialized book store, Lynette has also been a guest lecturer at Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia, where she designed and presented "Metaphysical Mastery" and "Marriage Celebrancy Certification" courses.


Lynette is the founder and CEO of Lifeforce Productions, a company committed to writing and producing uplifting projects for the media and entertainment industry.

She is the author of “The Little Book of Word Medicine”, 70 inspiring affirmations and Creator/Presenter of “The River of Life”, an audio collection of 30 affirmations and meditations.


          Lynette is a true gift

to humanity. Her ability to offer words of wisdom, inspiration and comfort at the perfect time is exquisite.


She is masterful in her teaching, understanding, and sharing of divine principles that truly
make a difference in our lives.  Thank you Lynette for being such a beautiful angel here on earth.


- Dr Rosemary Keating
Chiropractor and Coach

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