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Covering a wide range of subjects affecting our lives personally, professionally and globally, Lynette specializes in shining a light on the bigger picture of life.


With her down-to-earth awareness combined with a finely tuned grasp of universal spirituality, Lynette is able to masterfully present perspectives that help us see ourselves and our life with greater vision.


If you’re a publisher or editor interested in discussing articles that help open doors to new possibilities and realities, Lynette would love to speak to you!

Enjoy these excerpts from two articles by Lynette.



This article is updated from the original feature article published in ‘New Realities’ magazine. The 4-page original was considered one of the most definitive articles on Visionary Art by the professional art world and was sent to 29 countries by champions of Visionary Surrealism to explain the enigma of this art and its positive effects on humanity.


Lynette Gordon is a journalist, spiritual teacher and mentor


Picture of painting “Transformation” by Julia Carter

From Imagination to Manifestation (excerpt)

So let’s talk about the power of belief. First, do you believe that the business, relationship, prosperity or whatever you’re desiring is worthy of creation?  Will it be good for you, others and the planet? And here’s the biggie: Do you deserve it? (Of course you do!) If the answer is yes, let’s move on to the power of feeling.  How do you feel about this?  Does it excite you, fill you with enthusiasm?  Does it float your boat, rock your world? Now here’s where it’s important to get the intellectual thoughts out of the way, the ones that come racing in and start telling you all the reasons why your vision or desire can’t work… and let’s face it, we’ve all had a lifetime (or more) of practice with these!  What’s essential here is that you capture the feeling of elation as you hold to the image of your dream as already a physical reality!


To align thought and feeling, just like developing any skill, we need knowledge, tools and lots of practice.  It's important to understand first and foremost that regardless of appearances the universe wants us to have an abundance of everything good.  It wants us to fulfil all our inspired desires, to express our God-given gifts, and it constantly supports us in magnificent, often unexpected ways.....

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