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You have a big 'I', your great ‘I AM’ Self,

And a little ‘i’, your human self. My speciality and privilege is helping you align the two!

– True Power, Purpose & Passion!

- Lynette 

Lynette specializes in helping you as an individual or a business understand the power and beauty of the Universal Laws of Life. She shows how we are constantly working with these principles, and how to consciously create what our I AM Self wants for us – ALL that is wise, healthy, joyful and prosperous! She helps you discover and expand your unique gifts – The key to enrichment for yourself, others and the world. 

Receive a Complimentary Gift of the Audio
'The River of Life'
- 30 Affirmations & Meditations

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River of Life - Introduction -

     I've always understood that we extend beyond our physical existence and Lynette has played a pivotal role in unravelling the layers of my inner self to unearth the essence of who I truly am.

Through her mentorship I have undergone a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


In Lynette’s caring hands the process of strengthening my bond with my inner self, my business and all areas of my life has been nothing short of magical.

-  Julie Gabrielson,

COO/Co-founder Ruffle Mentoring

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     I call Lynette my spiritual florist! She’s taught me to give myself flowers and grow healthy, vibrant thoughts and directions.


Her teachings and mentoring are truly unique, and her gifts are multiple and blooming like my bunch of flowers.


Might sound cliché, but I felt I was wilting before I met Lynette and I have been lovingly nurtured and restored.


- Claire Louise Phillipps, Passenger Services Coordinator, Qld Rail

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     Lynette has been my personal and business mentor for over 10 years. She is a remarkable teacher and one inspiring woman!

Her spiritual guidance, intuitive accuracy, universal knowledge and wisdom are phenomenal. She has shown me how to connect to my true self and create the balance of an ideal lifestyle with my highest goals.

Lynette’s commitment to me and my well-being has been 100%, and I am so grateful for her amazing presence in my life.


- Kylie Dalziel, Principal,

Kylie Dalziel Real Estate

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