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Kind Words

From My Beautiful Clients and Associates

Metaphysics Reviews
Metaphysical Review

“Imagine going to a florist and requesting a bunch of beautiful flowers. The lady that radiates love and passion for her flowers delicately builds the most exquisite visual colour and fragrance feast. As the stems come together to create a large renewing bunch of greenery, the florist chooses a delicate gold ribbon to tie off the bunch ready for presentation. You know that the person you give the flowers to will be thrilled.


Lynette has given me flowers and is my ‘spiritual florist’! She has taught me to give myself spiritual flowers and grow healthy, vibrant thoughts and directions. Lynette’s teachings are truly unique, beautiful, and her gifts are multiple and blooming like my bunch of flowers. I was wilting before I met Lynette and I was lovingly nurtured and restored. Much love and appreciation, I AM so grateful x.”

– Claire Phillipps

“Lynette’s words are a true inspiration and allow us to connect to our soul and more deeply to God.”

– Rosemary Keating, Chiropractor, Coach, Facilitator

Rosemary Keating Review
Norbert Petras Review

“Lynette has been there for me to celebrate, guide, support and provide reassurance whenever needed, and always during some of the most important times of my life.


Since knowing her I feel everything is happening for a reason and I have full control and am responsible for the outcome of every aspect of my life. Thank you, Lynette, for empowering me to live my dreams.”

– Norbert Petras, Running Coach

“Lynette is a shining light for truth in this world. Her assistance has been completely supportive of my Soul’s individual divine plan. Working from a peaceful, harmonious and loving heart-space, Lynette’s intuitive gifts, knowledge and wisdom have allowed me to stay connected, and to reconnect when needed, to my own truth and future visions. Lynette is an integral part of this planet becoming lighter and more peaceful.”

Gemma Townsend, Dance Instructor

Spiritual Reading Review
Petrea King Review

“Lynette has crafted affirmations which resonate with the truth that the heart knows but with which the mind may struggle. She shares her gift of crystallising simple truthful statements which have the power to change your life.”

Petrea King, Founder & CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation

“During the 8 years I have known Lynette, her kindness and guidance has inspired me to trust the universe; to love, appreciate and respect myself, and to know that I can manifest anything my heart desires. As a clairvoyant myself I am highly sensitive and selective, and like others, also enjoy a reading.


I can always count on Lynette to deliver with profound accuracy and am grateful for the validation, empathy and empowerment I always receive. Knowing Lynette is more than a privilege, it’s a blessing!” 

- Gypsy Rose, Clairvoyant

“Lynette masterfully crafts journeys of sacred delight.”

Lee Antony Murdoch, Metaphysical Practitioner & Meditation Teacher

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Gypsy Rose Review
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