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Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings

You are wiser than you can humanly imagine.

Spiritually Guided Readings. A Reality Check!

Using her Intuitive gifts Lynette helps you to see the big picture of your Self and your life. Looking at all aspects, Lynette provides insight and guidance to help enhance and create the relationships, situations and outcomes your Higher Mind wants for you – all that is loving, wise, healthy and prosperous! 


Lynette’s consultations are positive and uplifting, seeing all situations as opportunities to move forward to greater good. With her deep understanding of Universal Laws and her warmth and wisdom, she shows how you are consciously or unconsciously working with these great Laws, helping you to release what no longer serves you, and create what does.


Sharing spiritual knowledge, tools and practices, she helps you to connect with, align and trust the natural unfoldment of the divine plan of your life.


Consultations are available in person, by phone or Skype.



“During the 8 years I have known Lynette, her kindness and guidance has inspired me to trust the universe; to love, appreciate and respect myself, and to know that I can manifest anything my heart desires. As a clairvoyant myself I am highly sensitive and selective, and like others, also enjoy a reading. I can always count on Lynette to deliver with profound accuracy and am grateful for the validation, empathy and empowerment I always receive. Knowing Lynette is more than a privilege, it’s a blessing!”

- Gypsy Rose,


A reading with Lynette is food for the soul.  Her words gave me great peace and comfort in a period of uncertainty and I felt she was truly connected to a higher consciousness. Lynette is delightful - an incredible woman with so much wisdom and clarity - her readings are authentic and fun!

- Catherine York, Business Mentor,


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