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The Big Questions

My Spiritual Journey

Lynette Gordon Spiritual Journey

Like most of us, my spiritual journey this lifetime has taken me down many interesting roads, often kicking and screaming! As a child I was always asking the big why questions – Why are we here? Why do we die? and Where do we go? 


What I was seeking to know, of course, was the meaning of this crazy thing called life! As my understanding and awareness began to grow, a question emerged like a giant key to this great jigsaw, one that has helped most of all: Who am I? 


My search for knowledge which has gone hand in hand with the development of my professional work (see About Lynette) has taken me to many countries and cultures, and it’s only on looking back at the series of events that have presented themselves that I can see method in all the madness!

Moon Temple Metaphysics

A Time for Deeper Reflection

'Moon Temple' by Gilbert Williams

Healing Waters Metaphysics

'Healing Waters' by Gilbert Williams

My conscious spiritual journey began with my own comparative religion study. I began with an in-depth study of Judaism followed by the teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism and other world traditions and faiths. It was all very intellectual – my mind had a ball! – and a good starting point, but my soul wasn’t satisfied; it wanted more.


Gradually, with practices such as Kriya Yoga, prayer and meditation, the words of the Master Jesus “My Father’s house has many mansions”, began to resonate and open new doorways of consciousness. I realized there is One Great Source of all Life, and many school rooms rich in knowledge. Each represents a religion or faith, and each offers spiritual teachings and practices to help understand and more importantly experience our oneness with this Great Source of all Creation.

The Three Mansions

For me there have been three main ‘mansions’ – the first being the beautiful, universal teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, world respected teacher whose wisdom has captured many minds and hearts – including Mahatma Gandhi – known best for his classic book "Autobiography of a Yogi" (I think this book is mandatory reading for so many of us here at Earth School; it actually falls off shelves into your hands).


The second mansion for me has been Unity, one of the world’s leading Metaphysical organizations in the New Thought movement, along with Science of Mind, a movement that has produced such outstanding authors as Charles Fillmore, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy, Eric Butterworth (one of my all time favourites) and Louise Hay. (Today some of the more known writers include the beloved Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Esther and Gerry Hicks, and many, many more.) 


The third mansion, and the one that has brought everything together for me is a mystery school of The Great White Brotherhood*, the “I AM” Teachings of the Ascended Masters through the Saint Germain Foundation established by Godfre Ray King.


Over the many years I’ve been feeding my passion for knowledge, for me that House Jesus speaks of containing many mansions is METAPHYSICS, the ‘parent company’ under which all paths of knowledge unite and a greater journey begins. Metaphysics is the Spiritual Science of Life, the study of Man’s inherent nature, the spiritual laws that govern all life, the invisible (until it becomes visible) Heavenly Hierarchy, and our evolutionary journey of Self Mastery.


My services and products reflect this understanding, and if I can assist you in any way, personally and professionally, to realize the great Self that you are, your true nature which is divine, and express your unique gifts to enrich the quality of life for yourself and others, it is an absolute privilege.

Ascended Masters Metaphysical

*The Great White Brotherhood

This is the name given to thousands of Beings who have attained their Self Mastery, the progressive journey of life for each of us. Known as Ascended Masters, these Great Beings include Saint Germain, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, Quan Yin, White Eagle, Mother Mary, and saints and sages of all spiritual traditions. The Great White Brotherhood work unceasingly with love, wisdom and power for the good of humanity and the planet, ever-mindful of our own free will. The more an individual turns to the Light – the good and the positive – the more Light can be directed to this being. The more Light to each individual, the more Light to the world.

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