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As a gifted communicator, Lynette is able to speak to audiences of various ages, backgrounds and creeds to inform and inspire. Her warmth and humour make her a popular speaker with the transformation (self development) movement, small and large businesses and community organisations.

Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Metaphysics Speaker
Lynette speaking at Paracon Australia 2015


Some of the topics Lynette writes and speaks about include:

  • Who Am I Really? - The 'I' that I AM

  • Little 'i', Big 'I' - Will the Real I Please Come Forward

  • Spiritual Economics - The Truth about Prosperity

  • The Amazing Laws of Creation and Attraction

  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind, Our Creative Factory

  • Your Thought is Your Life, Your Word is Your Wand!

  • The 8 Amazing 'Be' Attitudes

  • The World Doesn't Owe You a Living, The Universe Does!

  • Fear or Love? You Choose Every Time!

  • Soul Mates/Twin Flames - Right Partners, Friends and Associates

  • Visionary Art, Healing Art - Doorways to Greater Possibilities and Realities


Contact Lynette to discuss how she can contribute to the success of your next event or conference.

Inspirational Speaker Lynette Gordon
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