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What is Metaphysics?

What is Metaphysics
Metaphysics and Consciousness

'One God' symbols by Lee Murdoch

Metaphysics is the Spiritual Science of Life, the study of Man’s inherent nature, the spiritual laws that govern all life, the invisible (until it becomes visible) Heavenly Hierarchy, and our evolutionary journey of Self Realization.


I also liken Metaphysics to a beautiful necklace threaded with the finest pearls, each gathered from the heart of the worlds’ great religions, philosophies and faiths. This string of pearls represents the highest wisdom offered to humanity.


Today it’s this spiritual knowledge, tools and practices that I continue to learn and teach that take me deeper into the Heart of the One Great Source I call God, the Good, in all, through all, and over all. Just like the one house with many mansions, this One Great Source has many names. Each is perfect.

The more I study science the more I believe in God.

- Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Metaphysics
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