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My Philosophy

"What excites me most is helping to link the human mind with Divine Mind, or as I call it, little ‘i’ with big ‘I’ – our true Self. As great teachers and philosophers have said, the journey of life is Self-Realization…Know Thyself!


As we expand our awareness and conscious connection with the Source of our Being, we become increasingly inspired by some great purpose, then, to quote Patanjali: ‘All our thoughts break their bonds, our minds transcend limitations, our consciousness expands in every direction and we find ourselves in a great, new and wonderful world.’"

Metaphysical Speaker and Writer

Lynette is well known in Australia and overseas as a leading communicator in the field of Metaphysics. A journalist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She is author of 'The Little Book of Word Medicine - 70 Affirmations for Daily Living!' and creator/presenter of 'The River of Life', a compilation of 30 inspiring affirmations and guided meditations (both available for purchase on the Products page).


Lynette’s background includes writing for the print media, advertising, television, radio and film in Australia, England and the United States. Lynette's writing has appeared in Inspirit Magazine, Psychology Today and Nature and Health Magazine. If you are interested in reading some of Lynette's work please go to the Metaphysical Writer page to access her articles, titled 'Visionary Art' and 'From Imagination to Manifestation'.


Lynette has worked in the film and entertainment industry and has worked on a number of film productions, including ‘The Bionic Woman’ at Universal Studios and ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ at Warner Bros Studios.

Lynette has spent over 30 years studying and teaching Metaphysics – the Spiritual Science of Life encompassing the Universal Laws at the heart of all religions, world philosophies and spiritual traditions. With her Universal perspective of life, Lynette is able to bridge cultural and religious beliefs to help people feel inspired, informed and aligned with their own great source of love, wisdom and power.


Lynette’s warmth and humor have made her a popular speaker, consultant and workshop facilitator. She has worked with individuals, small and large businesses, and local and international community organisations translating the Great Laws of Life into practical tools for success. Lynette was recently a guest speaker at the Paracon Australia Convention in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.


As a private consultant and college lecturer, Lynette is currently working with individuals and businesses, conducting classes and workshops, guest speaking and continuing her creative writing in the media and entertainment industry.

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